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Speed pedal for KR Megavibe???


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Ok, here's the story...i want a speed pedal for my Megavibe...i've seen Kevin's schematics so it goes like this:


1)I ve got a Dunlop wah that i don't use...i could remove all the guts and find an 100K audio dual taper pot, do the wiring and everything is fine...the problem is that the pot should also have "steps" (or "teeth") and long axis like the wah's pots in order to be able to work like its supposed to...i can't find a pot like this...




2)I could buy an expression pedal or a volume pedal or something that has already installed an 100K audio dual taper pot...the problem is that i dont think any of these pedals have this kind of pot...


Any Megavibe users that already have a speed pedal?


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance guys... :)

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