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expression pedal

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yea the main problem is apparently the expression function is dependent on the pot value, and it seems like random different manufacturers would have different pots...thats why im leaning towards the foxrox cause you can adjust it (i think)



Kinda depends on the implementation as to how senstive the system is to differences (if, for instance, the expr pedal is part of an RC timer circuit or if the expression pedal is being used as a voltage divider to extract a CV)


and if the wiring is the same (like I think Korg uses tip as wiper where I think most folks use sleeve as wiper -- though don't quote me on it , that's from memory - hell, might be the other way round...it's arbitrary)


the Alesis, I blieve bills itself as Roland compatible


dunno abt the yamamamamahahahah though the specs should be online somewhere

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