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Help with POD 2.0!


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OK, I've purchased a little POD 2.0 recently, my first go with a digital "amp" (or simulator, or whatever you wanna call it).


And before you wonder, no I'm not a dinosaur, I just happened to play valve or transistor amps before for no particular reason, other than because I like them.


OK so here's the deal: when I plug earphones into this thing, the tones are PRETTY DARN CONVINCING... I won't say necessarily faithful to the original in most cases, but they sound good. They have depth, they seem solid, both clean (Jazz Chorus, way cool) and distortions (the Soldano SLO is real tight and brutal).

BUT, when I try to hook this thing to a cab, {censored} starts rolling out... why is that? No matter what cab I tried (1x12, 4x12, etc.) it sounds like {censored}e.

I even tried it through a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 which is supposed to be very clean, but nope... sounds are "boxy", fake, sloppy, as though they've been eaten by a wormhole and out his ass or something.

Is there a way to make this digital device sound any good thru a real amp?

I'm not pretending it shall sound amazing, nothing that has to WOW me or blow me away, but at least close to what I hear from the headphones, which again is pretty good. So, if there is any device or cab out there to make it sound OK, let me know... thanks!

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