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guitar wiring help- p90s and strats


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I'm going to install two p-90's in my strat- I have a three way switch a 250 vol and a 250k tone pot. I want to wire it where the middle position on the 3way is a kill switch. I have really no idea how to wire it... so can someone draw me a diagram-please


also the p90's have a red,white, and bare wire. also have a .047uf cap




thanks for any help

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red = signal hot

white = signal neutral

bare = ground (solder all of these to the back of the volume pot)


As for the kill switch, whether or not you can do this depends on the switch itself. A lot of them are mechanically built so that the center position is a mix of the two pickups, and you can't change that. Some of them have an "open center" that would act as a killswitch. Use a multimeter to test yours for such a position.


Switch info:



Generally you wire the colds together, tie them to ground, and send that to the output jack shield.


You can find more wiring instructions (i.e. how to do the tone pot in different ways, switching situations, etc) here:



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