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PODXT... help me out


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Yeah so I've had a pod for like a month and I love the convenience of it and stuff but haven't really figured out how to work it and get some great tones. I know for a fact that getting some great tone IS possible... I'm really into the post-rock scene and I know some of those bands use pods to record.


So my question is... how do I get some killer post-rock tones? Also, I want to get some great metal tone too (death and black mostly). Advice please?


I heard stuff about getting a metal "patch" or something like that off the net. Is this free? Where is it?


Little quote from Broderick of Jesu " People often think that you press a pre-set patch (on the POD) and everybody sounds the same." So obviously... it's not like that... how do I customize my sound? Cause all I do now is choose between the what, 30-50 different pre-sets.

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