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Yamaha Magicstomp users. . .


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Does it have a harmonizer on it, and if so, how is it? Also, how is the phasing/vibe? Any spacey, synthy tones to be had out of it as well?


Basically I am curious since I want to get a harmonizer (mainly octave harmonies) in addition to my Whammy, but I would also like to get some other effects in there also, namely a vibe or vibe-like phase and maybe some more interesting synthy sounds (i.e. the Digitech Space Station, which I may or may not have fallen in love with after watching the sweet recent youtube demo. . .)


Now I know that the ex-7 can do all of these things, but it's quite deep in the purse, and it seems as if I can still find used Magicstomps for reasonable prices out there. . .So, how is it?

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