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Noise music techniques.


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Let's talk about noise music techniques.


I'll start.


You take two standard flangers with filter matrix functionality (Boss BF-2 is a nice choice) and you put the rate and depth all the way to zero, then max out the resonance on both of them. This gives you a pretty effin sweet filter matrix to screw around with, by turning the manual knob, but that's not all!


Find out what key you want to play in, I don't give a crap, and and then, one by one, you tune the flanger's respective filter positions to accentuate the tones. Here's the trick: Try tuning the filters to different positions. Good choices include the dominant (duh) tonic, subtonic, and if you're feeling extra noisy, stick a tritone in there. Holy crap! Now you have a beautiful, resonating, harmonically sound timbre. Then stick one of those high-band flangers in there and ba dum psch. You're golden.




This isn't my exact setup, but it sounds something like this:






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