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Educate me on Speakers...looking to get an avatar 2x12.


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So I'm pretty sure that I want to get either a 2x12 set of Alnico Blues, Greenbacks, or one of each.


Could you speaker gurus tell me the ups and downs of each of these combinations?


A lot of my influences come from classic rock, indie (with heavy influences from Wilco, the Slip, Guster (think Amsterdam or Homecoming King off of 'Keep it Together') and so on), and a bit of modern stuff like the Foo Fighters (between brian may and dave grohl both being AC30 users at one point, I'm almost sold on selling my mesa dc-10 and getting an ac30 head). Hopefully this should clear things up. Main guitars are a Gibson SG Standard and an Aria Pro II Cardinal Series CS-250, and a strat with the pickup on the bridge/middle selector.

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