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Mutron help

orange worker

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I got a broken & previously modified Mutron Micro V off ebay. I got it earlier today, and opened it up. Black wire connecting the battery is disconnected. Hook it up, it works. Plug in an adapter and also works.


Now, my problem is that a previous owner installed a 2nd control pot under the Range knob. I found a schematic & wiring diagram online, en espanol (babelfish is my friend) here http://www.pisotones.com/MuTron_Micro-V/Mutron-Micro-V.htm and was wondering if i took some shots if someone could try to help me figure out what the pot is supposed to control.


As it is now, with the effect in certain settings, that knob dimed seems to cut the signal.


Here's a pic of the unit for now. I will take some gut shots in a few.



I don't want to send it to lsound if i don't have to. I might want to get it rehoused and lose the knob too if anyones interested in a project (nitefly?)

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