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Dunlop Univibe


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I've been useing a sweetsound mojo vibe for the last 10 months or so and it is a Great vibe. At my last gig the true bypass switch in it started acting up which is no fault of any builder that uses them, their known for having issues.

Can i get a witness?:) Well i contacted Bob and he gave me a few things to check first before sending it for repair. I did and hes replaceing the switch and it will be back to me in a few dayz. Great service and a great pedal . Thanks Bob!


Anyway i dont want to play with out a univibe when playing live so i wanted a backup in case this ever happens again and almost bought another mojo. I used to own a fulltone vibe but it didn't do it for me. and the voodoo lab model which sounded pretty close to the real deal.


The Dunlop univibe , I bought one of these when they first came out and the one i got back then had Issues and i got rid of it. Well i thought i'd give the dunlop another try and got one on the famous 45 day trial thing:cool:


Well i got it today and just got finished checking it out. I tweaked for a bit till i found those sweet spots "hendrix/Trower settings.


The volume knob was useless and had only one setting and that was wide open. It acted like your guitars vol control or a volume pedal first inline. Everything else worked great. The setting i used were. speed 9 1/2 to 10 o'clock, Vol full, intensity 10 o'clock Man it was happening after i found the sweet spots.


I read alot of the reviews and heard stuff like it sucks tone. Well, Thats not true at all but there is a push button hi /lo thing. Set to low it is a little darker sounding. I had it set to high and it was a mirror image no tone suckage period.

I didn't notice any volume drops either.

Hey! i was diggin this pedal.

I think dunlop has tightened up the tolerances cause this one works a heck of a lot better than the last one i had about 10 years ago maybe. Some of the other units have a 9 volt in but doubles to 18 within the unit which lets you use a daisy chain cable along with the others on my pedal board. the dunlop has a 18 volt power supply.

I've found that it sounds just as good as the boutique stuff.



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