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1-shot suggestions for my RC-2


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I'll soon be getting my RC-2 and I want to record stuff on there so I can trigger it on stage for a laugh. I wrote a thread a while back suggesting that I load fake cheers and boo's on there, which I think would be funny, especially with non responsive crowds. Also, I want to upload this car alarm sound (gotta be a crowd pleaser in the uk):





For the purpose of this exercise imagine my band to have no credibility. . .

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We're on the same wavelength!


I have a Boss Dr. Sample SP202 that I use specifically for the purpose of entertaining the crowd between songs...


Some of the sounds I've loaded up:


+old school cartoon "boinks" and timpani "BOOMs" and things like that...

+chainsaw ripping sound

+girl screaming

+movie quotes! I had quotes from Big Trouble in Little China and Sixteen Candles ala 'Long Duck Dong' (totally alientated the crowd, though 1 or 2 people cracked up!!)


For holiday-ish gigs, it's perfect! Halloween was a blast for us. I had all kinds of spooky sounds going on all night.


I recommend searching around on sound fx websites which have free downloads.

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