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Tone Questions (emulating another bands tone)


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Hi all, I have an effects recommendation question.


I am really into a band called Sanctus Real. I'm sure a lot of you have probably never heard of them. If you have heard them, or have negative bias, please withhold it, as I am looking to improve my tone. I don't want your opinion on "religious bands". I'm sorry I have to say that, but I've had trouble with asking similar questions in the past.


Anyway this band Sanctus Real, in my opinion has awesome tone that is very similar to what I am looking for in my band. I know a little bit about their gear, but I am looking for a pedal that might get me close to their tone. I know that for their older stuff, they used Marshalls, Plexis and maybe an 800, and then for their more recent stuff, they have Orange and DR. Z. I could kick myself, because I worked back stage at one of their concerts, I could have asked them, but I didn't know enough about them to like them yet.


Anyway, here are some links to iTunes, where you can hear clips of what I am talking about, Also if you choose to do so, I give you the names of the songs so you can look them up with Rhapsody or your music service of choice if you want more than a 10 second clip or don't have iTunes.


Older Stuff

From: Fight the Tide






The Fight Song



Way old: Say it Loud



Newer Stuff

From: The Face of Love


I'm Not Alright



Don't Give Up



Anyway, I was wondering about what sort of distortion pedal might be able to get me close to this tone. I was thinking about things like the Marshall Guv'nor 2, and the English Muff'n and other similar pedals. If you know of any other pedals or if I am way off base, speak up. Also if anyone can recommend a Marshall-esque voiced amp for under $500 that would be appreciated.



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A quick look at their website revealed some tasty gear pics. I saw:

Fullone Full Drive 2
Boss Tremelo (TR-2?)
Line6 FM-4
Line6 DL-4
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Tech21 SansAmp
Boss DD-20

Dr. Z
And maybe a Mesa head

Then I went to their myspace page for a quick listen. Rather U2/Coldplayish.

I heard alot of the Ampeg on the Myspace songs. If you can tell us what gear you have right now, we might be able to help you a little more.

FWIW, Delirious? is my favorite band, and I've had in-depth discussions on here about their tone without any problems. Most of the folks on here are just nice guys who like to talk tone, regardless of genre or beliefs.

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Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that no one was going to.


I like all of SR's stuff, but the tone I'm going for is like "Fight the Tide" their second album. Especially those songs that I list above. It was more of a upbeat rock-ish album, and their new one Face of Love is more of modern, darker sort of rock. For some really interesting melodic and musical themes, listen to the first 4 tracks on that album consecutively. If you like Delirious? I think you would really like the song "Face of Love"


You mentioned Ampeg. Do you mean their bass amps, or guitar amps?


Thanks again

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