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Menatone Howie Power Supply


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from the source:

"The problem with the one spots that i have had problems with is in

the one spot itself. theoretically, if the one spots are putting out

the voltage they claim to, then they are fine. the problem is that

the ones that i tested are all over the map on both voltage and

current. add that to the daisy chain concept where my pedals might

be connected to other pedals and there can be problems. my pedals

are designed first and formost to run off of a battery. a battery provides

extremely clean power. the only supply i have seen perform flawlessly

for the last 10 or so years are the voodoo labs supplies. i am sure there

are others out there. if the one spot works for you that is fine, but with

my tests on them i simply cannot warrenty a pedal if you use one. i will

fix the pedal if it gives you a problem with any supply, just know that

it will cost a nominal fee.




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