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Pretty damn funny


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Kermit the frog's reaction to an internet phenom




better yet, a not-badly-executed novelty tune about the same




[NOTE : there is a little salty language in the above, so definitely not for around the little one's or uptight offices. but no offensive visauls or such]



Now the original work they are commenting on....it's just plain off the scale


If I were to post a link to it, not only would I be perma-banned, but I'm pretty sure lightning would strike me on the spot...so I'll leave that to you (if you DO choose to research the original material - DO NOT expose children, the elderly, coworkers, or loved ones to it -- you only think I'm joking)



still, the tune is cute


Edit, I just noticed that the link site was adult (with adult banners) even though the content was NOT. I can't seem to find the delete function with the ltest update


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