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Gary Lucas !


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I've seen him live twice.
once, playing solo-guitar arrangements of chinese pop-songs from the 20ies, weird stuff, great idea. it was acoustic, so no fx (except reverb/chorus maybe).
second set was solo electric guitar, he used a lot of fx there, but I can't tell you which. it was all put up on a table, he was playing standing and turning knobs and setting the effects with his hands. weird stuff, too, great!
second time was with fast'n'bulbous. great insrumental arrangements (with horn section) of captain beefheart music. I can't rember him using any fx to speak of, it was basically stratocaster into twin, noisy tube sound. he used a lot of different tunings though, always telling funny stories about the captain while giving his guitar some kind of bizarre tuning.
couldn't help you with the effects, sorry.

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