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New Board...Help!


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Hey all...

So I am in the middle of re-constructing my "new" board. I am just about ready to start wiring everything up and I have a little problem/question about the signal path.

Right now my pedals consist of:

Teese WOF
Keeley BD-2
SS Mojovibe

And I have a Loopmaster single loop/tuner pedal that I was planning to use with the RV-3 and TU-2 obviously. With the Mojo and Teese being "TB" I wasnt too worried about having them in the path and then I heard having at least one non-TB pedal in the path was a good idea (BD-2). But I was certain about getting the RV-3 which I hate having in the path as well as the TU-2 out.

So my question is, having these pedals...I was planning on putting them in the order above, but now with the loopmaster I wasnt too sure how I should work it, I want to have the TU-2 first, but the RV-3 last (which obivously wouldnt work)...what should I do?

Would having the TU-2 at the end of the path, with the BD-2, Mojo and wah before it, effect the tuning substantially?



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