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OT: Vinyl Exchange


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Anyone here into vinyl? Looking to trade/sell your v-spots?


post {censored} you're looking for here, or stuff you're getting rid of!


i currently want:

Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk - Buckley

- i know this vinyl exists.

The Fragile - NIN


im currently getting rid of:

-QOTSA - Queens... 1st press counterfeit mans ruin. $30


-Rites of Spring - Dischord, OG EU/France printing



-One Day I'll Be On Time - Album leaf $15 (sealed)

-In a Safe Place - Album Leaf $10, slight scuff on track 3/4, does not affect playability.

-Dark Side Of the Moo - Pink Floyd studio outtakes, and some tracks recorded under the name 'The Screaming Abdabs'



also, to save bandwidth, lets keep editing our posts instead of starting a new post for requests or sales

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I'm gonna post some stuff in the spam thread hopefully soon but I'm still trying to get some suitable shipping boxes. But for the sake of getting this stuff out there in the meantime, I'm gonna sell:

Bjork: Post
Bjork: Telegram
Unwound: Leaves Turn Inside You
Stereolab: Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Stereolab: Dots and Loops
Stereolab: Space Age Batchelor Pad Music
Her Space Holiday: Manic Expressive
Bardot Pond: Dilate

Maybe some more ...

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QOTSA - Queens... 1st press, mans ruin. $30



Are you sure it's an original? I bought a bootleg a few years because there was no way I was paying the prices being asked even back then. All the Mans Ruin stuff is fetching retarded prices on ebay, especially the early desert sessions, I'm talking like hundreds of dollars.

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learned that it is a counterfeit, but besides the fact that its red vinyl as opposed to green or black, it has perfect artwork/label. the color doesnt affect tone nor playability. just looking to break even on it, and im sure another qotsa fan would really dig the gatefold.
i'd really rather have a different record anyway.

i have all of the desert sessions, and im damn proud of it.

i guess a thread like this would warrant pics. i'll have some later today.

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i used to collect records from the thrift stores. then i boguht some new stuff too. but i sold it all a year or so ago.


although i have a couple reggae 7" in my dresser.



i really think 7" are cool and if i was a legit musician i would release a bunch of 7" records.

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