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Boss GT 10 Questions and Comments-

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They only shipped like three weeks ago dood.

I like it a lot. Much easier to use than the GT8. Go for it, I say. It gives me modelling/multifx gas!



Oh, ok. I thought they had been out a couple of months now. My sorry. I didn't like the GT 8 @ all. Sounded like a blanket was covering the cab. It was also a little bit too complex for me. That's what I really wanted to know about. I heard this problem was resolved with the GT 10. Basically, will this unit sound good through a valve half stack or is this more for running straight through PA or a Roland JC/or other SS amp. I'm really confused if this thing will actually do what I want it to do. I'm assuming also I would need to run it on the clean channel of my amp, but I don't know if it should be ran through the FX loop or run in front of the amp. Can anybody advise please?

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