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We have the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Wah with the Hot Potz 100 K inside. We want to change it on the icar taper. Is it a good idea? The problem is (as you can see in the picture here http://www.imagic.pl/files//4242/cryb%20a%20jhfw.JPG) that the pot is under this green plain peace and the pot's three metal endings (lugs) comes through this green plain peace which enable them to connect with channels inside this peace. Can you follow what I am trying to tell you? (my English is not perfect). Anyway - the icar taper has these three metal endings (lugs) bended in another direction. My question is - is it possible to conncet this three metal endings in icar pot with this green "plate" by wires? Can I put wires on icar pot and then put them into the green plate? And one more problem - there is few space under the green "plate" so : is it possible to put the icar pot so that the three metal endings can be not just underneath the green plate, but a bit on a side? (here you have a scetch how it is installed and how I want it to be installed http://www.toya.net.pl/~tomstan/images/pot.JPG). Can I put the put in that way? Please, write as soon as possible.

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