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Using effects loop on a Crate V8??


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I have heard I need a Y cable to use in the line out to utilize the effects loop.

I think I found the right one on ebay.


My question is should I use some or all of my pedals in the effects loop? I have heard I would want my distortion there to give it a tube sound but I have also heard elsewhere only use effects like reverb, eq ect.


My pedals include: Vox V847 Wah (garmopat moded!), boss TU-2 tuner, Boss AC-3 acoustic simulator, Boss Blues driver BD-2 (garmopat), Boss metal Zone MT-2 (garmopat), Ibanez turbo tube screamer TS9DX (garmopat).


thanks for the help.

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Here is the auction link



I have a Crate V8 and am using the effects loop.


That cable will do the trick. But it's got male 1/4" mono plugs and it's only 3.3 feet long. If you can reach your pedal board or effects for the loop circuit with a 3.3 foot cable (like if you put them right in front of/ next to the amp), then you're good to go. But if you need more length than that, you should either buy a longer cable, or buy one with female 1/4" mono plugs so you can plug your regular cables into it and reach to where your effects are. 10 feet serves me pretty well. I think about going to 20' sometimes.


Regarding which effects to put in the loop, the traditional answer as I understand it is delay. Maybe modulation effects (chorus, flanger, etc). Generally not dirt, overdrive, compression, or wah. EQ in the loop might make sense, depending on your intended applicaiton.


There have been a number of threads about how to use effects loops. Look 'em up in the archives and you'll find some educational reading.


Rock on! (Love the sound of that li'l amp and I love how small and light it is)

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