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Problems with my Digitech SGS-2112. Tuner not working etc..


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I have a Digitech SGS-2112, which is about 10 years old. I just dig this thing, with some heavy EQing I get a very smooth and warm tube distortion sound.


However, lately it's starting to get buggy. The pedalboard assigments was messed up a couple of times, and the tuner doesn't work anymore. When I activate the guitar tuner, the whole unit freezes and no audio is going through. I have to turn off and on the unit to get it working again.


I really don't want to stop using this effect-rack, so I would greatly appreciate comments and advice from others w/ experience with the 2112/2120.

Maybe a new OS chip would help?

Is it still possible to order a OS chip for this unit?


Thanks! :)

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