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NPD!!!!! Now help me find a pedalboard......

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Just got a Holy grail reverb, a Boosta Grande, and the new Buddy Guy wah (actually, it's in the mail, but should be here in a day or 3.) I'd post pics, but, well, I won't. Kinda common stuff.


Anyway, I now need a pedalboard. I have too many (7!!! OMG!!!!! :eek::rolleyes:) to carry around individually. I'm thinking about a Pedaltrain with a flight case. Not interested in anything of gig bag origin. I want a hard case. Any other suggestions? Here's what's going on it.....


Planet waves tuner

BG wah

Boosta Grande


NYC Big muff

Small Clone

Holy grail


(If I have these ordered wrong, somebody do me a favor and re-arrange them. I'm pedal-special-ed.)


I'm going to get a Voodoo Labs powersupply ( the 2+) to run this mess unless anybody has anything bad to say about them.


Thoughts? Opinions? Random hurled insults for not having a skreddy product? :cry:



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