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Nice week for gear


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well for me its been a good week for gear friday picked up way huge green rhino mkII and today in mail finally got my version 2 of the musket. I use to have #53 but had to sell due to bills. Now own #1097 nice to see kyle's business doing good. I figured i'd post a pic of what caught me a little off guard.










I think the tree with leaves falling off with 10-11 date made is perfect along with the suprise of the free blackout effectors pick. My verision one had no pic and i don't remember a painting so good on the inside cover. Haven't plugged it in yet but i will enjoy that soon. If anyone is looking for a muff that covers civil war/sovtek type sounds i'd say look no further. No disrepect to SUF i was originally going to go with him but since he hand builds them personally i couldn't wait the 10-14 week waiting period for civil war muff. With the most recent review on gilmourish.com i knew the musket v2 was the one to get. Like i said already had the v1 and loved every bit of it.

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