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So, tremolo and assorted musings

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Consider this:


With a ring mod, you can get some nice non-dissonant intervals by tuning to the note or general key you are playing in. With most ring mods you can also slow it down enough to qualify as a trem. My question is "Does it make sense to also tune your trem speed (however slow it may be) to frequency that is some subdivision of the note or general key you are playing in?" Usually, the idea is to match the trem speed to the tempo but I imagine it would be cool to pick a trem speed that matches the root note frequency (or some subdivision thereof) and then just match the tempo to that. Resulting in a completely 'tuned' song :facepalm:.


I never really thought about it, but it kindof makes sense to me.:idk:


Gonna have to try it tomorrow.:thu:

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