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Ok GT-100 Fan's and maybe how upgraded from the GT-10 .


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Hey guys,

I got the GT-10 last week after a trade for some pedals with a friend of mine.I got everything working but like the GT-8 , it really alters my amps tone when using the 4 cable method.

I have amp control connected so I can at least switch channels which is really nice.

When I play completely dry , nothing on just playing my amp with the GT-10 still all wired up , my drive channel sounds a little mid range boosted and slightly transistor.

I'm working with the in front EQ to try and dial out some of that tone. I love the GT-10 with everything it does but this.


My question is would it be worth it to go to the GT-100? Does the GT-100 still alter your amps tone?


Honestly my clean channel is altered but it still sounds damn nice. I can dial up a very nice sweet tone with some effects like Reverb in the effects loop along with Chorus. It's very nice and I'm fully happy here. I also can get some nice rock tones out of using my clean channel with a OD from the GT-10. They all sound almost like having one out front Pedal syle. Not exactly but close enough to where the GT-10 is badass with it's abilities to create awesome patches with your amp channels.


I think the GT-10 sounds at least as good as the old GT-8 did , maybe slightly better in ways. If the GT-100 is another step up in sound quality over the GT-10 , I'd buy it today.


Talk to me GT owners.

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