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Compact stereo amp sim/DI box?


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Hi guys, just wondering if such a thing as outlined above exists? I've been experimenting with running a second output from my board via a Boss LS-2 into a Behringer V-Amp DI'd into the PA. It's primarily to bring in a 'big' clean sound over a distorted amp sound to help create a 'wall of sound' effect.


It actually works nicely but if I'm honest, the V-amp is on its last legs. Not only that, it's a bit cumbersome - OK, it's the bean-shaped POD rip-off thing so its not THAT big - but I'm wondering if there's a more compact solution out there that I could add to my board? Preferably something that is a) not too pricey b) has some sort of on-board effect (e.g. reverb/delay) c) is stereo and d) sounds half-decent. Am I asking for too much with this perhaps? Shall I just stick with the blue plastic bean?

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