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vox ad30vt


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I wanted to play a Vox AD30VT to see what all the fuss was about.I had tried to play a demo at Guitar Center in Tacoma, Wa., but I never was able to get that amp to make a sound-any sound. So today I stopped at the GC near South Center and tried one. This one was working fine for a while. It sounded pretty good. I was trying the various effects and amp simulations, when it suddenly quit making any sound on channel one. Channel two was still working. I tried switching back and forth, tried shutting the amp off and restarting it, but still no sound from that channell. I have read of reliability problems with these amps. I would be a might worried about buying one of these for this reason. I haven't been able to try one out reliablly yet.

Anyone else have problems with these?


Jon Neet

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