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Originally posted by mr.pings

tell us about you. How did you Develop your Explosive technique? were there certain methods or books that helped you gain Crucial insight? besides the fact that you probably playedplay like 100 hours a day.

:D :D
thanks man...if you've seen older posts of mine you would know that i consider myself a hack..:D so i can't take much credit for any of those words even though i appreciate em a lot..you sure made my day..;)
But i guess i could tell you some stuff about my practice in the old days..
i used to practice a lot and do nothing without guidance from my teacher..thank god he was an amazing musician and knew how to handle me even though he wasn't much into the style of my choice..
some books i used to practice and now teaching to others are the following...these are mixed up books about technique and everything..ranfom order..
-Troy Stetina's- Speed Mechanics for lead guitar
-Speed Metal (weird title..it has to do with classical pieces for el. guitar though..) by Dave Celentano
-Hard Rock Arpeggio Studies by Michael Fath
-Hard Rock Tapping Studies by Michael Fath
-Hard Rock Combination Studies by Michael Fath
-How to play great blues riffs by Michael Wolfson
-Berklee Books
-Real Books

hope that helps a bit..
thanks again,

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