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Hi there! :)


I get my new guitar tomorow (ibanez grg170dx (black))...


But I think I will need a new amp aswell.. right now I have that cheap thing Behringer gm108 (15watt).. It's OK, but I want a better distortion sound..


I have a Multieffect (X V-amp) but I haven't really got any good distortion out of that.. If you have suggestions to set this thing up, feel free to post :]


So I need a good distortion amp, mainly for heavy Metal, not Death metal dist.

My room is about 110 Square feet big (very small), so the amp shouldn't be to big/powerful.


Suggestions? I give MAX $200, and I want atleast 25-30 Watt.



EDITEDITEDIT: Oh and I might add,, I want an amp without any built in effects.. Two channel /clean/dist is enough..mayeb some reverb.

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