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flashprep on emu sampler


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having finally got hold of a floppy drive for my e6400 ultra i did the flashprep using an xp computer but the sampler just booted as normal.some research said win98 is best but again no luck.if i format the disk on the emu first then flashprep fails half way through.any other suggestions?

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EOS 4.0 through 4.10 users need to load Ultra Prep to enable your sampler to read compressed files. EOS 4.5 users need only to install the new version of EOS 4.6 (flashprep not required).


What version o os are you coming from on your E-MU ultra?

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does formatting in the emu usually take ten mins like mine does?people say it needs to be formatted in the emu first but when i do that the flashprep.exe fails half through the process of putting the data onto the floppy

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I remember the os upgrade taking along time, I tried to look around some more. Unfortunately I don't have a Ultra version and never played around with them. I did have to do a flash prep type function on upgrading the OS.

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Solution ID # 619


EOS - Installing / Updating Software


Since the EOS operating system is stored in Flash ROM, it can be easily updated to add features or to fix bugs. The following procedure explains



NOTE: Check the E-mu web site at: www.emu.com for the latest software updates & downloads.


Turn off power.

Insert the floppy disk into the drive.

Turn on power.

Press Enter to update or Exit to cancel.

Wait for the Emulator to update its firmware.

Re-initialize EEPROM. (This should be done after a software update. It resets the Master menu preferences and other items.)

Press 'Master'

Press 'Utils'

Press 'Tests'

Enter the Secret Password: 1-3-5-8, then press OK

Press 'More'

Press 'InitEE' - the display reads, "Initialize EE?"

Press OK. The display reads, "Saving System"

Press 'Master' to exit diagnostics mode.

Recalibrate the Emulator controls (Select Master/Utils/Recal, and then follow the displayed instructions).

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Solution ID # 302


Installing EOS Version 4.0


You may have to install additional memory into your sampler to accomodate version 4.0 software.


If you have an Ultra version of sampler, no action is required because you already have EOS 4.0.


If you have an E-Synth, then you already have the necessary memory complement, and you can download the V4 Classic software from the E-MU website.


If you have any other model, you may or may not have enough CPU Flash memory. To check how much CPU Flash memory you have available, press "Master/Utils/About/Config" to view your system configuration. If the CPU Flash memory is 1MB, you will need to replace the current CPU Flash memory with a 2MB CPU Flash SIMM from E-MU. The EOS V4 upgrade kit (EMU Part Number 6853) which contains the 2MB CPU Flash SIMM that you require, together with the operating system disks and full instructions on installation, is available from E-MU dealers and direct from E-MU.

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Solution ID # 596


EOS Operating System


Keywords operating, system, OS, Software, revision, version, rev, EOS

Applies to E-64











The Latest EOS operating systems are as follows:


Non-ULTRA Samplers:

With 2Mb flash installed: EOS 4.62

With 1Mb flash installed: EOS 3.00

NOTE: 1Mb Flash Classic EOS users can upgrade to EOS V4 - this requires purchase of model 6853 EOS V4 CLASSIC upgrade kit.


ULTRA Samplers: EOS 4.6 Ultra

Your EOS sampler will display the software version when it boots up - or you can follow the procedure below:


While switched on, Press MASTER

Press UTILS (F1)

Press ABOUT (F6)

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You have selected E6400 Ultra.

To receive support for a different product, click here.


Solution ID # 591


E64 / E6400 / E6400Ultra - RAM Test


EOS RAM test:


Press MASTER / Utils / Tests

Diagnostic password 1 3 5 8

Press RAM

The RAM test performs three tests. CPU (This test is very quick) , Sample ram fixed test, and Sample ram random test (these are longer tests because you are filling the sample ram). Each test will report any errors.


Let each test run until the start of test cycle 2 (C:2) then press ENTER to move on to the next test. After all three tests are complete the sampler reports any error

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Check all your ram and make sure you don't have a hardware issue.


After reading up on the OS, if I didn't have a ASR-10 Rack I would look for a E4XT ultra and upgrade mine to ultra status.


I've been meaning to find this site... (Ask over there )





Here is instructions


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on a side note, now that i cant upgrade, when i hook up my sampler via a usb to scsi cable it can detect the jaz drive that is fitted in the emu, i have heard about programs that can read and write different file types (such as AWAVE) will i be able to send files this way now that it cant read FAT..also what file types can i send on 4.1



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I don't think it's a can't, I think it's just a issue with how unless you have found a low count of ram or something.


I use recycle alot with my Emu. I edit the stuff on recycle ant then dump it via SCSI. Older versions of Soundforge would do this to no problem.



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