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Opinions please


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www.podsafeaudio.com artist name 'daveski' and 'hoserski' I have different songs under either band name. OR

www.soundclick.com search 'daveski'


If you like hard rocking blues check out...

Working Blues or

Sam's Blues or

B Careful What U Wish 4 or

Don't Ask the Question or

Don't Give up the Day Job or

Buzy or

Can't Take you Anywheres


More Traditional styles...

Jealous Hearted Man or

Letter or

Devils in DC or

Politician Blues or

Judgement Day Blues or

Preacher Blues or

Baby Boomer Blues


Lots more there...33 songs in all that I wrote.


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I have to repeat that you should specify which songs to be selected for critique, otherwise you'll have some trouble in getting feedback, if thats what you want.


? can only repeat what ? said in your previous thread.


posting three or four of them each time is better than posting nothing or everything.


we mercurians need guidance to touch the ground.


there is some problem with the links you have given.you must replace them with the direct links to your personal pages.

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Hearing "Go down." Nice guitar playing. I had trouble hearing the lyrics. Maybe it's my system. If you raise the vocal level in the mix, similar to that of the solo guitar level, I think that would help.



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I listened to "Devil's in DC". The rhythm and lead guitars were very similar tonally, and so they aren't very distinct from one another--they muddle together.


Vocally, you're really more talking than singing. That is cool with the so-called "talking blues", but those don't generally have choruses, as yours does. I would rethink that part.


Lyrically, you're a little explicit. There is not a lot of craft apparent in the lyric, aside from some rather forced rhymes.

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