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THE VALAR - What do you all think?


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Well, the music god's allowed me to listen to myspace for a brief time until it was interrupted by a sonic fart or something...Probably Satan preparing for that 6/6/06 thing tomorrow:rolleyes:


Anyways, the good news: the instruments sounds were good; the singer is much better than I'll ever be and some serious vocal training would make him much better, as he seems to have a good range; the basis of the arrangement is good but needs some serious breaks.

The bad news: too freakin' long! All 3 songs time out at about 5 min. 3:30 is industry standard.

I have one song that's 5:40 and refuse to cut it down. How's that for hypocracy?

I think a little tempo change and some heavier guitar/bass work and it would remind me of vintage Triumph.





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