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Please don't laugh at me =(


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hmmm, this is tough...tough I tell ya! Ok, here's my opinion.

You were a warped young (insert gender; can't tell from your Username).

The second verse in lyric1 is creepy in an Alice Cooper sort of way.

No wait...yes I think I like it.


"I wrote these like 7 years ago, so obviously I've developed since..."

That has yet to be seen:p





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Thanks to both of you!


Hm... I never noticed the Alice Cooper-ishness. Wow, that makes me even more embarrassed. The spider thing was actually just coz the house I was living in was temporarily quasi-infested with brown recluses, so I basically stayed up all night (because I'm terrified of spiders) to smash them if one got on me or my dog. So... lots of things about spiders from around then. Ugh!


And yeah, they're very 14... but there are some 14 yo things that aren't bad, so... I actually still circulate a few I wrote from then (ie: never threw away). These 3 though... I never threw them away (as in put them in the trash), but I buried them away with the "eh, I don't want to use them, but I don't want to throw them away, either" mentality. So these are sorta already once-over throw aways. I just needed help deciding if I should ditch them once and for all (which I probably will... I don't know. The second one has a couple charming ideas in it that I might steal).


So thanks! I'll give this post a little longer until I make up my mind. Then I'm deleting it, coz I don't such writings floating around the internets forever.


Oh, and I'm male. "Delle Rose" is just the name of the main character/family in Tennessee Williams' "The Rose Tattoo".

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