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a Good DAW program

Rap Sux

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1-800-222-4700. Sweetwater.


ask for jason koons. tell him what you want, the money you want to pay, all the details. you will be happy with the result - even if you choose not to buy, it will be educational. it was for me.



ps- no, i don' t work for sweetwater

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Are you looking to record as well? Or just import scores and sequence (which is pretty much MIDI btw)?


FL Studio runs 400 USD and under

Reason goes for around 500 USD

Cubase is 500 USD and up

Nuendo goes for 2500 USD

Ableton Live starts at 500 USD

Sonar is retailing at around 620 USD


Now... As far as I know, all those programs do handle sequencing so you should be able to import your scores as MIDI, create an instrument in the program (a synth, sample/sampler, etc.) and have the instrument play that score. That's how it works basically.


If you aren't skilled in sound design or don't have incredible presets/samples, that's going to be a problem. For example, a guitar is an instrument that you can sequence to some extent with multisampling, or alternatively you could just get a loop, tune it, and lay down the riff (though then it wouldn't be playing what you wrote... so that's a bit pointless). Neither of these methods have produced all too great of a result in my experience; IMO you need a player and you need to be able to record.


I don't know of many DAWs that have awesome sounds right out of the box. Some have better sample libraries and synthesis capabilities than others, but none have blown me away.... And why should they? If you want awesome sounds, you'll have to learn to create them. Of course, having a good palette to start with is essential.




On a side note, I was installing Finale 2007 yesterday. It comes with Garritan Personal Orchestra and NI's Kontakt player for the sounds, which is nice... IF you're doing classical. Even then it's not a fool proof set of instruments.

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