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Last song from 6 I X


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Decent song.


Distorted vocal part sounds kind of wimpy and off key. I think if you're gonna go with heavily distorted vocals, they need to be way over the edge. That more than any element needs to be revisted.


Really liked the breakdown around 2:50. Good build up. This is the best part of the song IMHO, in no small part for its absence of the distorted vocals.

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Thanks for listening and for the feedback.

You might be right saying the distorted vocals sound a bit clumsy or at least weird ! I think I have to find a better chorus for this song...

About the drums, it is a sample I found. Caus' I am doing everything myself in my bedroom actually, but I have no drum set and I am no good drummer...so this is the secret of "dry and plain drums" ;) !!

The lyrics are the following:


Just A Betty On A Page

One More Beauty With The Rage

Exhibition And Tentation,

You're Just a Betty On a Page


Joey Cass

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