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I am confused

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Well, this is off topic but there is no forum here it would really fit in so I figured I'd choose this one since this is the one I post in most.


I am in the process of preparing the artwork to template to have my band's album printed. But I am very confused by these artwork templates. If I open the pdf file in a web browser, it is one size, if I open the same pdf file in photoshop, the template is a completely different size. They ask for the artwork to be 300 dpi. If I set the artwork to one of the template sizes that might be correct, then change the photo to 300 dpi, the size completely changes. I have figured out ways to come up with like 5 different sizes that might be correct. I have no clue what I am doing. I was hoping someone here who knows about this stuff could help me prepare all of this correctly. Even sending me a jpg of the correct size all of these should be would work. thanks.


Here are the template links.


4-panel & Traycard



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