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:wave:I wanted to share a story about songwriting cause I figured it would be fun to and I need some prayer and inspiration.When I was young I wrote all the time and stored my material in little books or loose leaf paper.One day I got dismayed at my lack of musician ship my inability to write a good song that could move people and threw out two little books of songs I had written.

That night there was a terrible storm the wind was so strong that our garbage pails got thrown all over the yard.The next morning my Dad and I (who is no longer with us)went to clean up all the garbage and all of my songs were scattered all over the place.I proceeded to pick up the ink stained papers and looked at my Dad.All he said was ''Think maybe you better not do that anymore.''

A message from above I think so so now years later I have done a CD met the good the bad the ones in the middle ground lost some friends along the way but I still write.I just recently lost a band mate to a bad car crash then my boyfriend got sick then my Mom died then I was hanging out with people who were assholes tome and competitive women who are a pain in the ass.So I have not written or played out for a while plus I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome now I just want to go back into my writing and record what I have done and work a little but I need some inspiration and help from others .I am not into games and I do not care how big you are but being a woman in this business you need good friends and tough ones that will help with the ego conflicts .Any suggestions I use alternative tunings,scales and basic chord s for writing I also play wood winds a bit bit have to practice on that too.

Oh and I sing like a bird and I love to write I even write Kids stories it is a lot of fun. razola :cry:Oh and the other thing is I think my friends who do not play do not get it they are very duh about the working of a musician Thanks Guys

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