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The Cosmic Journey

Mat O'D

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Hey I feel like posting something completely different just now so I'll post my 26 piece poetry set for you guys too look over. I know this is more of a songwriting forum than a poetry forum but thought maybe you could give feedback etc anyway. I imagine this all as spoken poetry with backing music to add more atmosphere and life to the set OK thanks

(I know it's quite a read but thanks:thu:)


The Cosmic Journey


(Electrifying Storm)


Electrifying Storm, oceans and a breeze

Stormy Winter, chased scenes coverd in green

Something out their tomorrow

I seen scenes better than the've ever been


Something ain't quite right

There's something deranged

Listing to her head at night

Electrifying scene chased down

Electrifying sceen


Electrifying Storm

With the oceans coverd in green


As water poured down

From my window frame

Ain't right what I seen

I' am coming out now take my hand

Into the promised land

Electrifying Storm all the oceans

What a breeze


2) (Electric Scene)


I've got an Electric Scene

You felt that too didn't you?

Chase dreams and unknown shadows

Through black cracks

All those unhappy hours

Wanting a watchful God to happen


It's all true, so true

Yet blue healing to them

Watching an unknown hog

A blaze of an out storm

Promise of another norm


I loved being here tonight

I thought they all knew

As she sat crying in the basement

Weeping an Electric Sceen


3) (Shaken Or Awaken)


Shaken vials and Summer breeze

Unheard cooth youth and dirty deeds

Talk to me your such a pretty one

Shaken Or Awaken

Choose days and pick memories

From your life time of dreams and unease

Choose in your mind

All the promises of yesterday

The first thing seems to come

To memory

Todays Devinne unmemored charm

Good to be alive

It's what you be


Vast unquieted sandy storms

In a cool undue presence

We were laughing together in high tide

Unorm to us places

Were smug all snug

Wrapped like cling filled cotton wool


Music comes to mind

It's meditation relaxation they want

Choices in the daytime

Nighttime crooning to the moon

Beside an ancient lake

Inside the enchantment of an ancient forest

Enter with me be my hot dream

Someone come with us

Come join us

Everything is split into dimensions

Yet at one it dances


4) (Newborn Assignment)


Gently they awaken in a soul colored breeze

A newborn comes into this world

Just as quickly as the Gods did take one

The souls of the deceased now the newborn

Massive eternal recycle going on

Gently into the newborn body

Once were spirit guide

Are Now our newborn


Gently they stir, giving a gentle cry

With newborn once deceased amazement

As they give a fresh sigh

The newborn souls remember how they once lived

Bewildering in achievement and amazement


The ghost god now a far off forgotten

Messiah did send them

Called upon the souls

Once again to awake in the Earth

Ghost god appointed them to once again

A Newborn Assignment


They called on you to prey

Now will call on you to be re-born

Summer breeze just like Autumn winds

The messiah appoints a Newborn Assignment


5) (Keys To The Kingdom)


Are you aware you are alive?

Have you been born yet?

Do you know our kingdom exists?


Have you been offered a place?

Are you wandering hopelessly in endless night?

Have you a wonder what it would feel like?

To be offered something more

To be able to unlock that door

Are you alive, have you been offered salvation?

In the Keys To The Kingdom


6) (Patriots And Places)


Patriots going to but far out places

Native American, fair red skin Indian

Building Tepee yet places

To live and talk

Prey to their gods

A simple yet effective worship


Unchained, burned out fair Shaman

Native American free yet killed

Beaten rapped and burned out

For their land the home of the free

You had no chance

Or did you?


7) (Native American, Oh Tribesman)


Native American killed for their presence

Spirits come with us, come join us

Ignore a mind that can't lead you to us

Native American, Oh Tribsemen


One who lived life free on their own

One who showed us free mind and spirit

Fell unfortunetly like burned out paper

Their the ones who showed us

Their not unkind ones


Would you die for me

Tribesmen he did for you

You had no chance Native American

Or did you?

Native American, Oh Tribesmen


8) (In Dream)


In Dream they do watch

Far out lands mystical places

Like unsleeping motorist

Untrue and unreal


But they believe it

Girls stripped naked and bit

Cheep beer and cigarettes


9) (Fair-trade Party Days)


Music to dance too I loved those time

Such a long time ago

Resetting in my head

Memories not dead

Unreal metalheads

Polished and unsaviored


There's liquid nights and rooms

L.S.D and hallucinogenics

D.J's awake for many days

Teach the people through music

And trances


Gangs of girls and herds of boys

Hunting with their sex drive

Which takes us


Rapping with feather broom handles


I know

Muddy shoes

Underage rapped sex

Wild poetry and dancing

Torn shirts and mini skirts

Messed up once blowing in the breeze

14 year old raped girls hair

Innocent not fair


10) (Hotel Room)


Walking down the beach in the Sun

Yeah you know the one

Simple breeze and complex minds

One Summer night in a Hotel Room

Haley and Hazel

Whisper "good Time"


11) (Undue Sex Drive)


He watches the girls as they undress

The boys take homage knowing this fact

Like a bridesmaid waiting for the bunch of flowers

A pimp with hoers

The guy who buys the time

In a hotel room, although already married


Sometimes their friends

This one prefers knew strangers

Stops word of the mouth

Truths coming out


Whipped they get scars

It's such an adolescence sceen

Whips and chains

Buckles and belts

Only for the 21 and ages over


Teenage stoned death girls

Playing sick games with drunken hippies

Playing sick games with their sex drive

Eating out sucking a limb

Orgasms last till tomorrow


12) (S And M) (Whips And A Chain)


The bed was warm and seductive

No problem with a hooker during this moon

S And M Whips And A Chain


He whips her as she screams

In pleasure and pain


With a sick look on his face

Maybe planning a murder

Got his own religion

S And M Whips And A Chain


13) (Death And Dimensions)


Death And Dimensions

Their such a beautiful mix

Like a fiddler playing

With walking sticks


Awake she lay in her bed

Voices of deceased souls in her head

She's alone yet surrounded by everyone

Young drunken sailors

Old age warrior knights

Her ex girls best friend

And led to believe it was all them


Who stole fire from their Thunder

Roared at the Gods

Left in bewildering amazement

Of the yellow colored land


T.V dinners and drunken fights

Cosmic movie spells end of our lives

Spells disaster to the uneducated ones

Heaven and Eden spelt to the religious ones

Death is a mystery we know that's right

Different dimensions they don't give up a fight


Given entry and pointed to the exit

The old man by his grave


14) (Season Time)


Thoughts are like time

They age like fine Wine

Seasons do blow

Spring through Summer

Into Winter time


Yellow Spring bunny

Orange colored rib boned Snow

Sun always shines

Calm and calculated

All through Season Time


15) (White Light)


Waiting with a watchful eye

Nighttime sky and blooming seasons

Uncharted unrequited uncool youth

Guys, garages and backyard fences

It's the warning time


Circus galore, watchful eye

It's the 3rd eye which does see

The White Light


3D visions after death

3D T.V

Seemingly shown without just cause

Or reason

It's the watchful physic eye

Times not like a clock

Guns and garages

Said without reason


17) (Sanctuary)


Back in the day

It was much easier way back when

Praying to a God or your found out

Hung from gallows and not called a sin

Head chopped off into a tin


Sanctuary it's like a gentle breeze

Welcoming them in

Black plague disease

Man banging on your door

Humped, jumped and made too suffer

Crucifix and crosses

Messiah hoping he can save them


Four gentle ways to sleep and travel

Unwind and unravel

In a pretty Sun

Giving gracious living one


It's a knowing crime

To copy down to paper

No excitement in music now


18) (Lost Virginity)


It was a cool hand

As her {censored} gripped him

Someone said "Someones lean"

A hard one in her lap

A sly smile on his face

"I can't go chasing shadows"

She said to him


"Today's the day"

"Boy are you playing"

She said

"Lighter honey"


{censored} met hard one

As they both screamed


19) (True Death)


They are waiting for Heaven

Wanting for death

To take them once again

Into the great Garden


Unlock the gate

Were coming through

Unknown yet True Death


20) (Gently Pushing Tomorrow)


Why are we always searching our minds?

Always venturing void in our heads?

Always aimlessly hopelessly wandering about?

Nothing their to be resolved


It's our future

A brighter newer tomorrow

We should all be searching for


We look forward to our days

Fresh like an Ocean breeze

The Summer and Spring

A new baby life being born

Impossible to forget our tomorrow


In the basement

Her father beats her with a belt

As she starts to bleed

12 years old and the come of age

Her period in a dry place

Nature has taken it's course

Gently Pushing Tomorrow


(I've got more to this but will post tomorrow as to long to post k)

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