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Well it's nearly Christmas, so here's a little song from my daughter!


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Here's a tune I did with my 7 yr old daughter during the summer holidays. Ignore the repetitive and pathetic drum pattern, in fact ignore the overall poor production, but it was rushed in a day which is the quickest I have ever written and recorded any song!


Not sure why I'm sharing it, but I think it's cute. And hey, she may be the next big thing who knows :) What I did find truly amazing was how quick she fell into the recording mode...even telling me to turn up her monitor phones at times! And if I forgot to give her a little reverb I was in big trouble :) Mind you, I'm sure you can imagine how hard it was to get good takes. Each line was sung through about 15 times! Bless.


Since we did this, she has joined a local choir and will not stop singing. So I think all in all it has been a positive musical experience for her. One of my better parenting moves.


So, search for that soft spot in your hardened hearts and go grab a hanky....


It's called Millie's song:



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