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Let's write one together


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Here is a game that we can play. Pick some major chords (use 2 to 8 chords for now) randomly from the key of C, that is C D E F G A B chords. Set your click track to 120 beats per minute, 4-4 time and record 16 measures of your progression. Choose your own rhythm, see what works with your chord progression. Splice your 16 measures onto the end of my mp3 and post it on the web someplace where we can download it. I use box.net (it's free) but there are likely lots of file sharing sites available.


Each of us adds 16 measures to the track until we make something about 3 to 4 minutes long.


When we get enough material chained together then we can write lyrics and add other instruments, vocals and sounds.


Just see where it goes. It is an unpredictable adventure.


Here is my progression: BCFE chords. I use a simple rhythm because I don't remember ever doing this before and we can get more complex later. My mp3 is about 520 KB. I export mp3 files at 96 KBPS to keep the mp3 files small and the sound quality seems OK to me.




I wrote the names of the notes in the key of C on 21 pieces of paper, mixed them up in a coffee can and pulled out four of them one at a time. That gives me random chords in the key of C and it was fun.


I feel inspired because the chords are randomly selected, although if you try it and don't like the chords it's OK to mix and try again.


I found software on the web this morning that displays randomly selected chords. You might google search for something similar. Send me private mail if you want more information about the software.

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