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The sky is blue

And my heart is too

It's all that I know

My blood pressure is low

I feel like I will fall

But I'm still running through hall


I say one two three

She is looking at me

She is better than before

And I want her more and more

Therefore I approach her

More and more our sights concur



Show...show me a shorter way to say

That you are only my all day today

But you always run away

Blow...blow out heat from my heart

I am the southest on your chart

Even if we both fall apart

Throw...throw me to the wolves tonight

But first your invite must be polite

Light up me and all will be all right

Hello...hello...listen to me



Give...give way to me again if you can now

I will seize it better than before somehow

Don't disavow your words now

Forgive...forgive all my past mistakes

For this I will swim across Great Lakes

I will give you all that I take

Leave...leave out either your stereotype

This is really life, not motion stripe

For me you are still hype

Believe...believe in my promise



We...we will be like flower and bee again

We will run all together through the rain

We must forget what is pain

See...see my boat how sailing to you

Through storm, while winds blow true

How long my heart will be blue

How long...how long I will singing wrong song

While your song is strong

I wait for you all day long

All day long...how long

...All day long...It is too long

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