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this song i tabbed out during the past 2 days

first i wrote the lyrics and then tryed to match the tone to match the words

i call it vocal melody method but i hate singing and playing at the same time

so after i had recorded the music i tryed to dub my lyrics on top

but had to slow it down for it to last the entire song.


Note:there is some background noise and some background frequinces so turn down your volume a bit.




The dead wood grows

creeping by the vine

slow in its desperate climb


nigh its not over

this seed wont get smaller

its death will be forever

forever more


sigh sigh it goes on

growing growing, on and on

its strength, no purpose

its goal, obsulete


no point no point

it goes on

dieing in the flames

that it cannot smell


creeping up

its hunger grows

snaping at little children and human toes

it was clipped back and now its stricken back

better watch your back or become a snack


this is its story

it never ends

its a canablistic monster

and its here to stay


so you better grab your axe and get ready to play





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