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New song: Ring Song


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Hello everyone :)


Thankfully, I have had access to several pianos since I have been studying abroad. Therefore, I have been able to make more music.


This song is called "Ring song." The song is here: http://www.myspace.com/colinkohtzistight


Here are the lyrics:


"Here's a thing that I want to sell

Fished it out of a wishing well

Can't complain 'cuz I've got it good

Wanted more than I thought I should


It's a rock that was someone's ring

Packed and forged in a shining spring

Bright as hell and white as a dove

It's a mark of an ancient love


Now it's mine and I want it gone

Burning fingers with its sweet song

Maybe bury it under trees

Can you take it please, maybe please

Oooooh, please."


The song is about a guy who picks up a ring out of a wishing well, and finds out that it was a wedding ring owned by a couple hundreds of years ago who was in love. He tries to get rid of it, but he can't.


Thanks for the feedback :)


edit: After listening to this song with a somewhat unbiased ear, I don't think it is very good. I'm going to try to finish a new song and post it here instead.

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Thanks man. I'm not very pleased with this song actually, now that I listen to it again. I feel like the last couple songs I've done have all been way too similar and slight. I'm working on a new one (which might get finished today) that I think isn't as twee and actually has some meat. If I finish it quickly enough, maybe I can change the focus of this thread to that song.

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