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"Hopeless Faith"


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I have spent too many days worrying

I need to recover

I need to discover

Why I am this way


There's no one left to take it out on

I need to forget

I need not regret

I think I'm on my way




Things just aren't turning out right

There's something greater beyond my sight

I guess I should just give up

But it's not fun if I lose without a fight




Well my hopeless faith

Is reaching in again

But what can make

Something out of a dead end

My hopeless faith

Hasn't helped at all

I don't want to fall

It's time to stop


If God really cared

Why would I be in this mess

But since he knows

I guess it's for the best


Repeat Chorus




While holding to you

Would make me the king

I've still got to believe

In just one thing

And while I need you

I want you

I need something to fall back on


Repeat Chorus


Bridge 2:


I'm tired of releasing

My anger and hate

It does me nothing

I need to concentrate

I know you will love him

I hate that so much

My light's no longer dim

With the elegant touch

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