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"Camp of Dreams"


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I got back from Camp Lagune I think is how you spell it. So I got inspired.



Making wishes that may never come true

Want to satay, but it's not the right thing to do

Hugs and kissess just for your trip

What I would just for a sip . . .

Of your kiss


I swear I'll be back

I'll try to recover

Just one thing

You'll never go for another

I'm feeling pressure

It's not the nerves

Tight grip

I need to preserve




I swear I'll be back

Just to hold you again

It might be a while

But with help we will win

Even if I die

Just stop and think

Would I want to see you crying for me

Even if I die

It's for the best of your lives


In this camp of dreams

Right here

Right now

I must find the key

I'm not going down

Just say those words

It will make my day


I just can't stay

In this camp of dreams

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"What I would just for a sip . . .

Of your kiss"


i like this line a lot, it's very versitile and clear, you can sing it any number of fun ways.


i like the chorus except for this line:

"But with help we will win"

something about the play between But and Help and the rampent W alliteration just doesn't sit well in my mouth.


also you might consider taking the Camp Of Dreams theme a little further, it doens't come up til the end but it's a nice metaphor in the context of the song, maybe talk about waking up that day? knowing you might be kissing her for the last time in just a few hours, moving through breakfast, waiting for her to show up for the send off, maybe the narrator has a small child? lots of room here, good start!

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