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Stratman Tigers

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Conquer the Earth, you poor pathetic creatures don't you realize before you attempt to conquer the Earth, you'll have to destroy all living matter!

Can you see them dancing?

They're all in the street

I'm not the doctor

I'm not the priest

Can you feel the rhythm?

Down to your feet

Can you feel the rhythm?

Up out of your seat

Have you found the answers

Did you miss a beat

They're all waiting for you

So give them to me

I've got the General's orders

I'm ready to strike

Just give me one good reason

So I don't have to fight

Can you hear the music

Did you cause a scene?

You can the DJ

But don't hang me

Can you feel the music?

Can you feel the music?

Can you feel at all?





Not the best singer as those who have my past stuff know, but I'm learning. :poke:

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