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Dear Jaz


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This is a song I'm writing for a wicked girl I know called Jazmyne, I don't know if it's just me writing out of puppy love or if this is gonna be a legit recording for her.


It's called "Dear Jaz" as you may have guessed.


(This first stanza i'm fairly sure of but the second is iffy, I don't know if I wanna write on that kinda thing any other suggestions for the rest of the songs topic? Also I wrote it to sound kinda fumbly and nervous.)


Dear Jaz I'd like to tell you

that I'd like to get to know you

As maybe a bit more than friends

And maybe you could learn to like me too.


We could get kicked out of coffee shops

for disrupting other patrons or just chill out

and watch scary movies in the confines of my basement.

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