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1 Album in 1 month done..different results..has anyone done anything similar? results

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My brother and I did a challenge where you have to write either 10 songs or 35 minutes of new material inside the month of February. He plays drums and bass and I do the guitars.


Here are the songs. Let us know what you think.



One month to do all of that was extremely hard, but we really enjoyed the process and will continue to work and develop the songs that are promising in this collection.


Have any of you done a similar challenge? What did you think and take away from the experience? It showed us that we really have a lot more material in us than we are sharing. So we need to do it much more often. It also forces you to be more honest. Meaning, you don't have time to massage things to sound and impress in the exact way you'd like. Its an expression of where you are at the moment.

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