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Gotta little Al Green vibe


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I dug this out from some old tape. My voc instructor said I could go back and frorm

Falsetto pretty naturally. You have not heard me sing like this before My Mom gave me this inspiration as she was such a Green Fan.

This is more-less Gilmour/Green

Warning Gtr solo's

Lyrics where they are


Help them grow strong


As I causally await for some Atmoshpere

You take a breath, your conscience is gone.

Yes I am happy that the shower gave us

time to rest and we have run away to long

I'm not that strong

And I have run away too far

I'm not that strong


Every circle has an ending and I am just beginning

To find one end ooh it's there ooh somewhere


Just to see it, just to be it

I see the light

You better find a little everyday

your hoping that the answer comes your way

Be watching all the children come our way

Help then grow strong!!!!




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