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Reason 5 and recording guitar

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hi gang, been awhile since i was on HC.


Im using reason 5 on a win laptop (Vista).

I have the rack and preferences setup to recognize input and output using ASIO4ALL for a guitar to usb cord. I see the signal come in, and can hear it comming out the speakers. I can assign effects throught the mixer aux's. But i cant create a track for it in the sequencer (recording area at bottom).


My signal comes from the hardware interface in the rack to the input of the mixer. Then the aux's run to and back from the effects to the aux returns. Then the mixer runs master outsback to the hardware interface again. Everything looks right, sounds great, but i cant create an audio track for the sound. Ive been told you cant do this in reason 5. And i dont have enough experience to figure out how to sample the guitar and send that signal to a synth or whatever in the rack to get it done.


Any help?

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